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KieranWayFilms is proud to show off all of the credited roles featured on Kieran Way's IMDb page as an example of how far in his career he has reached and for you as the client to understand briefly the potential of his role without viewing any examples of his work. These credits start from 2017 to current date of this written 2019. When Kieran first started becoming more hands on on set and expanded the knowledge in film.


Camera and Electrical Department

 Daily Cycle (Short) (camera trainee)                                                                              2017 

Lehenga  (Short)  (camera trainee)                                                                                 2018

There They're Their  (Short)  (lighting trainee)                                                               2018

The Fantastic Colourful Circus  (Short)  (camera trainee) / (still photographer)           2018

Spectacular  (Short) (BTS Video)                                                                                    2019



Visible (Short)                                                        2018

Unplug  (short)                                                       2019

Taken 1 + 2(short)                                                  2021


Unplug (Short)                               2019

Taken 1 + 2(short)                          2021 

social media access

Keep up to date with Kieran's Instagram feed as he regularly posts photos or to the Instagram stories feature whilst on set filming music videos, short films or even weddings. This will allow you to message quick about any questions or queriers about the work he does.

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