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Kieran Way 
Slough, United Kingdom

Kieran Way Films is a small and personal production company based in slough, UK.

We make a variety of films and adverts to fit your needs, if you like what you see, and think we can help, please do get in touch via the contact form.

We can shoot 2k up to 4k depending on the type of budget you cater for and the conversation we have in pre production.

Kit we provide

As a small local company we tailor a package to fit  your wants and  needs, we have various cinema camera options and setups to bring the vision you have come to life, these steps can be unique to suit you and the client.  Whether it's a Music video, short film, wedding or a documentary, we can fit your needs. You the client are in charge, we work with you to develop your project however big or small, we work together every step of the way, including the final edit and to build the relationship so you can be dependant on us if you ever need multiple productions with the look we provide.

Company's we work with

We are proud to have a strong partnership with DOSTEA, Resource Productions and Resource Youth Film. We have also worked and filmed a lot of music videos for the group 7VN  and recently have gained partnership along side HeadStart Productions 

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