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Music Recording Studio

KieranWayFilms is proud to now announce the official opening of a new recording studio.

For only £25 an hour + £15 for final mix and master

Local artists can use the studio, lay down bars on a pre made beat and create! This opens doors and gives great opportunity to the younger generation to do something with them selves and get distracted from the roads. Based in Slough, we are open to offer packages from the recording bars all the way to the final music video - So fill out your details in "Contact me" section and wait for a response. 


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£25/HR + £15


Graphics + Music Cover Art

KieranWayFilms also offers personalised cover art for your music that may have also been recorded in the studio!

I will work with you directly on designing art suitable that fits the style of music to be able to use as Art if you were to release on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes..etc

My graphics have previously been used for many local artists and has also designed professional logos for companies including "DOStEA" "7vn" and even beauty companies so I can design something personalised for your needs. 

From the very first recording session right through to the release of the music video and song on streaming services - Kieran Way Films offers a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. 

To see examples of my previous work visit the "shot by me' page. 

If you are interested in working together on a music video or you’d like to book a session at the new recording studio message send me a message in the "contact me" page or send a DM on social media.

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